Forfeiture of Commercial Leases

Fox Investigation Services Limited also carries out peaceful repossession of commercial properties on behalf of the Landlord. This usually involves peacefully entering the premises, thereby terminating the lease, changing the locks and handing control of the premises to the landlord or their agents. During the process we will follow specific procedures to ensure that the lease is only forfeited by peaceful entry to the premises. We will also ensure that the correct notices are displayed at the property and that the locks are changed without delay.

During our attendance at the premises it may be necessary to compile a full inventory of all valuable goods. This can also be supported by a video or camera log. This is an excellent tool in the recovery process and can provide and also act as a detailed inventory should the said goods be sent to public auction.

Having developed and maintained relationships with locksmiths, auctions and general trade’s personnel we are able to offer the complete service. One call to Fox Investigation Services Limited will result in a full and effective outcome.

Traveller Evictions

Our approach to traveller encampments involves serving a common law notice. This enables the land owner to exercise their right to self-help as set out in Halsbury Laws of England (Volume 97 (2010) 5 edition). This notice provides the travellers with a fixed date and time by which they must vacate the land.

In the event that they fail to leave by the date and time shown on the notice, the landlord can exercise their right to self-help and instruct us to remove them. This may require the assistance of the Police to help prevent a breach of the peace and tow trucks to assist with the removal of any vehicles.

Once the land is clear and handed back to the landlord, we can should you wish assist with any site clearance and security to prevent further encampments.

We are able to assist with traveller encampments anywhere in the UK and can usually have agents on site within two hours.

Squatter Evictions

We are able to assist with the eviction of any illegal occupants within your property. The act of ‘adverse possession’ occurs when an individual enters a property with the intention of living there.

It is often the case that squatters as they are more commonly known can cause damage and theft whilst inside. It is essential that squatters are removed as quickly as possible to minimise any disruptive aspects of their occupation.

A court order is usually required to evict squatters although the can be occasions where this is not the case. We would be happy to discuss any specific requirements that you may have.

Once the squatters have been removed, we are able to assist with securing the building using our in house locksmith and security as required.


Abandoned Vehicles

Abandoned or illegally parked vehicles can be a real inconvenience to both the landlord and its client.

Should you find yourself with an abandoned or illegally parked vehicle on your property we are able to assist with its removal. First we will try to identify the owner and also place a notice on the vehicle. This affords the owner the opportunity to remove the vehicle within fourteen days.

In the event that it is not removed we will arrange for one of our removal trucks to attend and collect the vehicle. Following further enquiries, if the owner is still not identified and the vehicle is not collected it will be scrapped. We will of course notify the DVLA of this and a Certificate of Destruction (COD) will be issued.

We offer a comprehensive range of services to meet all requirements. Established in 1997 we have been serving the legal profession worldwide ever since. Operating seven days a week we are able to offer a complete service.